Monday, January 09, 2006


Prizes if you can guess the city/town/village that match my former locations: Four Places You've Lived: 122 Commercial Street 10 Bank Street 15 Baker Steet 25 1/2 Dykeman Road and here's another detail shot of my CQ06 entry:


Deb R said...

I have NO clue where the addresses might be, but just wanted to mention that I'm very impressed that you rememer all those street addresses!

I remember my current one (heh) and my last one before this and I remember one from my childhood only because it continued to be my parents' address for so long after I moved out. All the rest (and there have been several) are gone from memory. I would have to find old mail or paperwork or something to know what they were!

Debra said...

Ok, I'll play.. but this is merely a guess:

Provincetown, RI.
White Plains, NY.
Richmond, VA.
Lawton, MI. (or somewhere in Van Buren Co.).

Julaine said...

I have no idea...

I'm putting a link to your blog on my blog! Love yours...

? - how were you able to put a photo on your blog title? I'm getting bored with just the words on mine -


Julaine said...

Is it...Shippensburg, Pennsylvania?