Monday, July 03, 2006

A New Vice

Yep. That's just what it looks like. Knitting. I paid TWENTY US DOLLARS for a pair of beautiful wooden sticks that I planned putting my hair up with. Then I happened by a vendor who was selling a large bag of sari silk at a very reasonable price. Marcy Petrini took pity on me being stuck in the HGA office and gifted me with her directions on learning to knit and a wicked new habit is born. I have to read further to see how to end these things. This silk is almost as coarse and ungiving as jute but once washed it goes all soft and fluffy. I still have to work hard at getting each stitch right and count them at the end of each row. By the last stitch, I find my tongue all sticking out and dried up. No pictures of that, thanks.


Debra said...

Hey, Deb.. when you were a kid did you make those loom woven potholders? Remember how you ended that?

Knitting is similar.

You begin to knit a new row..
First stitch, second stitch.
You now have 2 stitches on one needle. Using the other needle, lift stitch #1 over stitch #2 and off the needle.

Hmm.. how do I know if this has been sent??

Make another new stitch and continue to the end. Cut the yarn and pull through the last loop.

arlee said...

That tongue thing is an amazing tool! If they cut mine out, it wouldn't be the inability to articulate that would frustrate me--it'd be the tool thing!! Everything just works so much better when you hold your tongue right :}
And i will admit to a secret crochet perversion myself.....:)

Carol Dean said...

Get yea to Knitters Anonymous immediately! Fiber addictions, in their various forms, are hazardous to your wallet!