Wednesday, February 28, 2007

something old/new

Lately I have been captivated by Karen Jacobs work, her bokoshu series in particular. I've always liked Japanese calligraphy and just finished watching "Lost" where Jack found out the painful consequences of thinking he knew what his tattoo meant. Don't you think that it would be real prudent to learn the alphabet before I started slinging words around ? but tonight I just said screw it and put black paint to wet paper for the first time in my life. This is probably some foul imprecation or racial slur. Next stop - uninformed gang graffiti on the interstate divider with spray paint! Watercolor techniques - there's another thing I know zero about. Having just received a fabulous art package from Rachel over at Honest Art Talk, I should stay my hand. take a class maybe. at least.


  1. Girl, I kid you not...I just walked through the door 30 minutes ago with my first set of tubed watercolours and post-card size watercolour paper and almost wandered over to the Watercolour Society Studio to enroll in classes and thought instead to get a book from the library.

  2. This suggests something mysterious underlying the symbol - where the paint hasn't caught the paper - wax crayon marks? Either learn a few important (to you) symbols, or make some up, and use them just this way with quilting, perhaps some organza overlays for additional mystery - could look great..... if you can get this effect by literally dabbling with watercolour maybe you should stay away from a class and not risk losing the spontaneity you have now...

  3. Yes! It was an old sketchbook and the facing page had some large crayon symbols that I had drawn so long ago I hardly recognized them and yet, there they were - some made up, alien alphabet.


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