Monday, May 21, 2007

Look Elizabeth - More Willies!

I've started going through more of the pieces that were started in Florida back in March. It's good that there are pictures around that remind me of them because my studio is in such turmoil that I couldn't find some of these things on purpose if you paid me. I go rummaging through boxes and things keep turning up. And when things get too hot out in the outdoor studio I take the plunge.My oasis has come a long way since this was posted. Actually the water has been so cold that after five minutes you're numb and don't care. Now that I've gotten a lovely rejection email from the Exit Gallery, I'm free to scramble and get slides made in time for Art Quilts at the Lowell.

1 comment:

zquilts said...

That piece has huge potential - all of the best colors!
It's great !~

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