Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Frosting on the Cake

For anyone who has been following my studio renovation, todays' work is the piece d'resistance that I have been waiting for. What was once a blank wall now has a new window that faces north and the room is now flooded with light. I'll spare you the process pictures because I HATE the construction process. Although it's Jim's line of work, when it's happening in my own house, it makes me nervous and anxious. It's two stories down to the driveway outside this window and the whole time he was on the ladder I stalked around the house pretending to clean. And he wonders why I have heartburn. I refuse to attribute it to the fabulous batch of chili he made yesterday - it's strictly renovation heartburn but I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Sweetie. Of course I asked for the wide window ledge to accommodate cat asses but Jinx insisted on ignoring the new view and interjecting herself into my art.


  1. The sunshine and view will enhance your quilting time! Congrats on having such a handy hubby

  2. How nice to have so much natural light and I still covet that table!!

  3. Jinx is just saying that he loves your art and will be happy no matter where you work !

  4. There is nothing better than a north natural light for seeing colors as they should be. You will certainly enjoy that window, even if the cats don't. Lol.

  5. Your first picture of the piece you are quilting (Aug 1st) didn't give me any idea of the SIZE! I love it big!

    Laws of Nature: the light will be great, the cat will not cooperate by using the window ledge.


  6. I too had no idea the size of that piece--wow!!!! I'd love to see and touch that baby!
    As for cats, they cat as they want :}

  7. OK so how did my cat Sinclair get o your work? I thought he was on mine last time I saw him (grin)
    Enjoy your new studio.


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