Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Drunken Hummers

I think this is what happens if you let the stuff in the hummingbird feeder get fermented....


  1. Did you make the video? It looks to me like they're just doing their "thing"...fighting over the territory of the feeder, one fighting off the other. Happens at my feeders all day (4 feeders). If I'm sitting outside they will sometimes come and buzz right by my adorable!

  2. Hi Deb --
    Cool video, but....
    actually it's all Marie (Johansen)'s fault that I am sitting here in NE PA and obsessed with hummingbirds too. I put *barely* two ounces of homemade syrup in each of five feeders placed around our property. Yes, I have to change it more often, but it won't ferment, and we don't have as much of a problem with bees and yellowjackets.
    Respectfully submitted,
    formerly of Somers NY,
    now in NW Milford PA

  3. That's the first time I've seen drunk hummingbirds!

  4. That is one great video. I was watching the same thing in our back yard a few minutes ago, except the feeder is next to a honeysuckle so they were going crazy over that and ignoring the feeder so I don't think it is drunkenness either but the real issue you got it on film. Love it.
    Mary, the Antique Sailor

  5. Anonymous11:07 AM

    LOL! Mine are drunk all summer, which, I suspect, is why every spring when they come back, they start looking in the window, and practically picketing on the lawn.
    But... You could also have nestmates playing with each other while they are pigging out to get ready to head south. We have two regular pairs, but I think that this year we have had as many as 6 babies, as a pair of obviously not fully matured boys, a pair of girls, and a mixed pair of one each, are frequently found teasing each other, chasing, squealing.... Really kind of playful behavior, given how downright agressive the little things are during spring and nesting season.
    Eh, drunk sounds more fun!
    Rain in NC

  6. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Interesting... Have you ever tried red wine cooler in your feeder, I wonder what would happen :) Hee hee (evil grin)


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