Saturday, October 06, 2007

hear the trees and plants and critters sigh

The woods behind my house look lush - there's a creek down there somewhere - but we have been in a serious drought for a long time. We need a month or more of this kind of rain, all day, everyday, ending at sunset each day to let the earth take up the water and distribute it to all the parched life. And I wish people would stop needing LAWNS of all the useless man-made conceits. When we first moved into this house in 1998 the lawns looked like a golf green. I swear they were tweezed! Then I looked inside the garage to see an entire wall of boxes and cans of various chemical and toxic lawn stuff. I told the broker that they would have to take all that crap with them. Since then our lawn lives on whatever falls from the sky and dog piss.If I had my way, we'd have sheep but we are still inside town limits here. There's been a watering ban in effect for most of the state and people have been turning in their neighbors and going to jail over Watering The Lawn. Insanity. Plant something that will survive without artificial assistance! Grow Food in the Front Yard! Have a meadow! Grow rocks like they've figured out in Florida and Arizona. People in Georgia are going to have to come to the realization that climate change is going to impact the status quo but then again there are still folks down here that don't get that the Civil War is over and their side lost.


Quilt Pixie said...

your comments re lawns made me smile. I admit, I have a lawn. It came with the house and is too much work to replace. I cut my lawn, leaving the clippings on the lawn. If there are leaves when I cut the lawn, they get cut up and left too. When the dandilions are blooming I cut the lawn short and regularly as I have a number of these flowers and don't want them to seed my neighbors... I do not fertilize, I do not mulch, I do not aerate, I do not actually care that much -- its green out there.... My neighbors are "fun" to ponder as they toss all their clippings into the garbage then turn around and fertilize the lawn so it grows lusher. Then they water so it grows faster, so they can hurry out and cut the lawn again. Why oh why?

joyce said...

I agree with you on watering lawns. If it's not meant to be, just do something else. Here we get a lawn, no problem, but people go crazy killing dandelions. I say they are pretty, you can eat them, and eventually they finish flowering and turn to green leaves. WHat's the problem with that???

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