Saturday, October 27, 2007

WIP fall edition

There are errands to run and a baby shower to get ready for so of course I started the day tinkering further with this WIP that I started on last night . I don't normally conjure up work for specific exhibits but this call for entry "BLUE" from Translations Gallery in Denver piqued my interest especially when I looked at the things I have done in the last few years and found Blue to be seriously under represented. When I was little I always used every single color in the crayon box during a coloring session because I had this notion that if I neglected any colors, they would get mad at me, or maybe feel left out. Blue, I hope I'm forgiven.

1 comment:

Quilt Pixie said...

it'd be a terrible shame if one of the colours felt left out -- you're right, there's a time and place for each, and it looks like blue's turn is up in your studio! :-)

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