Sunday, May 25, 2008

back in the studio

I fear the Kozmik Awareness is onto the fact that I haven't had a productive day in the studio in, oh, maybe a month, if you count all the time I spent in the Dyeworx diddling vintage damasks. The fourth piece in my environmental apocalypse series has been hanging on the design wall collecting cobwebs even longer so today I took it down, gave it a tumble in the dryer and got down to business finding and fitting an appropriate backing and committing to machine stitching. The preponderance of damask in this one is making for some wonkiness but it will work out as I even out the coverage. I've always been sucked in by that acid/poison green too, MarieZ. Jinx approves my FMQ technique but complains bitterly about the pins. This shot of "Clubbin'" was my goodbye before shipping it off to the Rose Gallery in Daytona. Does anyone else suffer from premature potential sales-separation anxiety? What if I never see it again in person? Oh Damn Well. Here it is May and I have only entered one juried opportunity so far this year. Note to self - get busy.

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