Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ear Candy

No pictures but lots of music. I just finished (but I'll never be really finished) adding a music gizmo to my sidebar. Dredging memory and finding music is highly addicting. I did the right thing and it won't start playing unless you tell it to by clicking on the arrow. There's nothing worse than someone else's idea of music blaring out at you unsuspected - I have slapped my monitor in the past. My list would be even more eclectic than it is - the search engine at has it's limitations but so far I'm loving it.


susan said...

nice playlist. on kauai, my friend blu plays a wicked guitar. we would play at this little place on saturday nights and one of the fav songs i would do was "at last". it is such a chick song to a guy. my sweetie is a phenominal banjo and guitar player but almost mostly bluegrass. he learned a reallly neat song tonight called blackberry blossom...i was cruising utube, and told him i liked it and wanted him to learn it and he did! :-) i never really payed attention to the banjo, but since i have been with mark, i can always pick it out in a song, no matter the janra (that is not spelt right), it is more like shanra i think.

jude said...

and you got dylan in there. a fav!