Saturday, June 07, 2008

blankets in Hell?

I must be nuts to be working on this one right now. It's so big I have to nearly wear it to machine stitch it and I keep having to move away from sweaty patches. Our air conditioning system is old and inadequate for this early heat wave so by 5 in the afternoon we just turn it off and open the house up to fans. With the rising costs of utilities, living without AC will be something we just have to get used to .


  1. ah but this looks absolutely delicious...

  2. looks so yummy though!

  3. :} One could try sweat dyeing maybe?? I did it with a purple nightgown on cream sheets during menopause :}

  4. i really like this piece. at first i thought it was reverse applique but how clever to do those areas of resist and fill the insides with colors. i LOVE it!


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