Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Welcome Little Feather

A new Tool has come to join the crew here in my studio. Big J seems skeptical but it won't be long before Feather will be working alongside him. I have craved a Singer Featherweight for many years. My Grandma owned and treasured hers enough to never allow me to touch it - I was a well know "tinker" belle, inclined to de-construct anything mechanical - but she promised it would be mine, someday. After she died, her machine found another home somewhere and I never had the nerve to press the matter. At a recent lunch, a friend and I were talking about our respective sewing machines. (Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the gentlemen at the table leaning back and a glazed expression came over their faces) I mentioned my quest for a reasonably priced Featherweight and dear A. simply said "I will send you mine". Done and done. It arrived yesterday in a flurry of pink packing peanuts and I am smitten and so grateful.


Grace said...

How lucky a person you are. If there are any more givers out there please let me know cause I too would love, love, love to have a Featherweight. Enjoy yours though!

Karoda said...

see where keeping hope alive gets ya! :) she is mighty pretty alongside Big J!