Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last Fling (for now) - storm light

The thunder is rocking and rolling from the west and the trees are shaking out weeks of dry leaves everywhere. We haven't had serious rain in over a week of 95 degree days. It's time. I had to try to get a shot of this one before I start dragging it around everywhere blankey-style, doing the hand stitching on it. Can't exactly call it quilting if there are only two layers but there you have it. Now, if only the power doesn't go out!


jude said...

you really are moving fast lately/ love the border. have fun, i love stitching without batting. just a note, your blog loads really slowly, lots of content maybe. sometimes i can't comment. or sometimes the pics load very slowly. not sure if anyone else has the problem but some blog i visit do that and it discourages visitors.

bettyninja said...

So lovely! I agree the border is great. I love the triangles.

TGIF even tho I only went back to work just yesterday.

My Swedish ivy is loving being back outside. I need to get some small pots to start a squad of offspring for gift giving. On sale at ...

Play it again Sam.