Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Sixty years ago today my Mom and Dad were married at the Episcopal Church in Armonk, New York. Today I heard for the first time that they went to New York City for their honeymoon. There was dinner at Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe restaurant where a rye whiskey and soda was 11.28 (in 1948!) and Jascha Heifetz serenaded the newlyweds at their table. They went to Radio City Music Hall, saw a Hitchcock movie "Rope" starring Jimmy Stewart and stayed at the Clinton Hotel. This evening we celebrated together.


Anna said...

Wow, 60 yrs - Mazel Tov. I'll say this - you sure are the image of your MOM - beautiful. You and et al look very happy - Enjoy these times to the fullest!
Love what you are working on!

Natalya said...

how wonderful! happy anniversary!

jude said...

that's a long time.

Rosemary Claus-Gray said...

Oh Deb, it's so nice to see you with your family. You look content. Rosemary