Friday, October 24, 2008

just a few stitches

Although half my checked bag was taken up by sewing stuff and things to work on, there has been little time for the luxury of a few handstitches. Here's a little inspiration from my mother's blue glass collection. She used to be a wildly indiscriminate collector and would even hoard Noxema jars. This one I like a lot.


  1. Where are you off to???
    Inquiring minds and all that!
    I leave for IAH on SUnday !

  2. You're already home? Wow! I love the new stitchery. :-)

  3. with all those prickly pins, I wouldn't want to go near that thing!

  4. i'm taken also with this piece from your mom's collection...and i'm a sucker for family history...happy anniversary to your parents :)

  5. hey...where are those fabrics...i wanna see. that blue sun is awesome. and congradulations to your parents. what a wonderful thing, sixty years! some people knock marriage but it is not an easy thing. there is give and take on both sides and you have to work at it to keep a marriage good and strong. i loved being married and only death put an end to it, but life does go on.....and who would of ever thought a total beach babe like me would end up in the north woods of da UP?!!it hailed today! horray for your parents and all those that have maintained a good relationship for a number of years. may your lives be long and merry.


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