Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Alligator Dream

I've had a lot of knee grief in my life. Knock wood all is well now but if I have a rough day there is pain in the night and I dream that alligators are biting my legs and are working hard to twist them off. Or could the pain come from the dreams?


MORNA said...

This is a great piece - wonderful design. :)

susan said...

ahhhh........babe.......if your pain at night is so intense your mind gives you dreams about alligators doing the death roll with them.......maybe time for an mri or having them scoped. it could be a piece of cartiledge torn or floating doing more damage. with a scope you walk right out of there...you gotta be kind to your knees for awhile but beats the pain. after almost two years of having both knees replaced i am finally walking more naturally...there is light at the end of the tunnel. good luck with the knees

jude said...

it is my heels. i used to dream that rats were biting my feet.