Tuesday, June 02, 2009

busy day

It's Jake's birthday. My youngest chick is 24 today and treating himself to a day off from work but chances are real good you'll find him in this selfsame pose, his favorite place to be, under the hood of something greasy that needs a master's touch. There are spice cupcakes to be baked,

new cloth to be ironed and photographed for sale at

Fiber Fandango and more in the process all while the cupcakes are baking.(you should see me juggle!!)

I've also taken another cheapskates flying leap at an online art venue here. Any input regarding my choices of work posted would be welcome. It seems like I can't bring myself to commit to more than $25 for any sort of entry fee on spec these days. and the pool is open and needs daily tending which is my personal physical and mental therapy. I am always cheered on by the lifeguards hard at their posts.

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Leslie said...

Love the phot of your lifeguard, children getting older, I'm getting older too, sigh. As always, thanks for sharing.