Wednesday, August 12, 2009

doctor's office doodle & 3D thinking

Sitting in traffic on the way to doctor's office ::a snatch of info from NPR regarding Henry Moore at Atlanta Botanical Gardens::: Inching past Shorty Howell Park in the rain and I'm thinking "they could use some sheltered seating" It's really big. Shelters six strangers and a dozen close friends. Metal would make a good drum circle setting. Fiberglass would make it affordable. and toxic. Sprayed concrete with color mixed in? Those dented marshmellows are seating. My mind wanders and I forget the turn into Whole Foods. The Chinese eggplant will be waiting for me on Saturday. Diagnosis:: left trochanter bursitis & poss lumbar stenosis. treatment - PT. what fun! At HoAnns my coupons don't help. A very small pot of red clay is 17$ Now to research making paper mache with the Craft Whore. I like her approach. Can you imagine? Two kids and I never did paper mache, at least I can't remember it. Speaking of kids, Colin's girlfriend Raquel is a singer/songwriter and tonight at 10PM on MTV one of her songs will be used in a "Real World Cancun" episode!


Lzyjo said...

Hi Deb, I've been a lurking fan for a while, but I've never commented. I'm mostly a quilter, but I've had a few passionate affairs with paper mache. My basic recipe is 1 part flour to 4 parts water. I usually use 1/4 C of flour at a time, because that's the most paste I can use in a 1-2 hr work period. Mix the flour with one part water until it is smooth pancake batter consistency. Boil the remaining 3 parts of water. Add the "batter" to the boiling water and stir. The paste should become transparent as the gluten cooks (a minute at most.) Boiling the flour is the key to making it gluey. A spoonful of cornstarch can be added to the flour and also a drizzle of white glue can be added at the end. Totally unnecessary though.

Here are a few of my projects that I posted about, if you're interested.

I think this helps you. Papier mache is so much fun! A gazillion possibilities!

arlee said...

OMFG thanks for the point to the Craft whore--quirky and messy, my kind of girl----fun!
And OH would i love to see yer armadilloassfaced spoobit come to life!