Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have an exciting creative opportunity looming on the 23rd and in preparation, I thought it would smart to dig around in the studio. There's been a pile of horrors in the corner by the door for awhile now gathering cat hair and crud.

Part of my supply list includes bringing a freshly mixed batch of dyes so I decided that an overdye fest was in order. Kill two birds with one dip - fix these tragedies and finish off the old dyes.

Anyone who gets terrific results when they dye their own fabric might not share with you the horrors of FABRICS GONE WRONG but here  you have it. Even table moppers shine when held up with this bunch.  The upside is that, because I have to go to work this afternoon, these pieces will have a day to soak, absorb and transform.


arlee said...

send me some energy--i have none
luck on the 23rd whatever it is

--what IS the colour of energy anyways?

jude said...

me too and yes, good luck!

Elizabeth Barton said...

they don't have to be fresh!! sometimes the old buggers are more interesting!!!