Sunday, September 20, 2009


Before anything else today (except coffee) a gracious "Thank You" for a thoughtful and perceptive review from across the Big Pond. John Hopper at The Textile Blog tripped over my work in cyberspace, liked what he saw, and offers a different perspective on my art than I am accustomed to receiving. He's right that Fiber art can be a no-person's land to work in sometimes.

One hardly knows how to act except, after the smile and the pause, to get back to work.

If it were not for Elaine at Red Thread Studio and Morna of Bittersweet,
I might never have read this article, so more thanks to both of them for having a wider  worldview than I do.

I spent the evening making a beach on the Caribbean in response  to the miserable weather that has been hanging around Atlanta for more than a week with no relief in sight. If anyone in the media mentions the word drought I promise to boycott their advertisers. I nearly sewed my fingers together as the Braves closing pitching nearly blew a win over the Phillies. Thanks for the fibrillations, fellas.


jude said...

well deserved press, i missed that one as well... i am drowning in self lately, gotta get out more.

Lainie said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Deb, and congratulations on the indeed well-deserved cyberink. The Textile Blog is a great blog -- I hadn't been for a while, so it was a treat to rediscover it and a wonderful surprise to see your work there.
Keep up the good inspiring work, and keep up the droll and funny too -- you keep me smiling.

a.n.t. said...

i've already expressed my uncontrolable delight in this rave review for you in private - but I'll do it again- here...
to a very fine ARTIST with a keen eye for color and composition, movement and emotion! You deserve this glowing accolade and many, many,more!
You Go, lady!!!

Phyllis said...

What a grand and special recognition of your work. Well deserved I would say! Congratulations.

Sue Reno said...

Ahh, the world wide web is a wonderful place! Congrats on the thoughtful review and well deserved exposure.

tiedyejudy said...

Great write-up, and well deserved!

Judy Martin said...

Deb, I was thrilled to read this very positive review of your work. Congratulations many times over. Well deserved indeed.

Anonymous said...

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