Sunday, September 06, 2009

hanging on to summer still

I continue to hang on to this piece as it evolves. So far each scrap that I've incorporated has been beloved on it's own. Pulling them together continues to be a challenge.     I know that working on this is a nervous reaction to a number of pending deadlines so today I'm just going to enjoy it and have blocked out tomorrow for getting down to brass tacks on those "got tos"                  


Phyllis said...

So much richness and intrigue to this evolution. Maybe we all need pieces that we keep adding to incrementally. Seems that rushing to finish things keeps a piece from growing slowly as it should.

jude said...

this one has heart felt goodness.

Jill said...

i am loving this piece - watching it grow in an almost organic way .. great depth - it is fabulous :) - also it is inspiring me to have a go at 'just doing it'.