Friday, October 02, 2009

October.. my birth month and my favorite. The entire month can span all  the seasons. I can recall swimming on my birthday and trudging through six inches of snow on Halloween, of course that was in New York.

The trouble with going through one's stash for things to sell is constantly running into exquisite little chunks of fabric that you want to hoard for

yourself, or worse, sit right down and start  working with when so many other things are pressing, or need pressing.

I am really looking forward to packing my river grass basket with scraps and needles and thread and sitting in the October sunshine for two days just stitching and considering the full Moon.

  I may pretend I'm just tent sitting for the artist who just stepped away for a minute.


arlee said...

OMG both of those pieces are exquisite, at opposite ends of the spectrum! I'd hoard and use 'em too!

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely! i know the feeling of clearing out things only to find those little pieces that make you want to stop everything and go completely off track. sounds like a great birthday present to give yourself!

jude said...

oh, doesn't that always happen. it is raining today and i am going to empty a basket of wip/scraps onto the floor and sit in it.

susan said...

happy birthday when it comes. i love this time of year. this is my third fall/winter and i still am astounded by the color of the trees. oh that pinky orange red...if i could just get that on fabric. i am working on it but not quite right yet but having alot of fun getting there.

curvylou said...

Oh, wow, that's quite a pattern on the lighter fabric... I'm guessing it's a cotton damask. And that orange/black dye job just makes me swoon with lust. I'd better be careful or I'll drown in my own drool while I'm out cold.