Friday, October 16, 2009

a scrap of time

Sometimes all you have are scraps of time to gather your thoughts and get your bearings. To have a bit of cloth and thread to work with in those moments is very satisfying. I'm beginning to think that artists who prefer working with fabric are heeding the call of their lizard brain - the one that made us crazy when we couldn't find the blankie when we were two. Tactile input takes precedence over all the other senses when one is overwhelmed.

I've spent the week taking the hurdles necessary to take a chance on getting more of my work out into the public eye. It's getting deep around here. Now I sit with fingers crossed, prayers up to minor deities (who might not be busy with more pressing matters) and maybe a little roots work thrown into the mix.


arlee said...

Say yes to the lizard

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful... and strangely coincidental that it echoes the square cloud so :) (thanks for commenting on the clouds by the way!)
I hope your week of hurdle jumping brings great results!

margaret said...

"tactile inpute takes precedence..." - that really is food for thought. When meditating, we can sit still; when flustered, we have to bite our lip or rub our hands.

jude said...

scraps of time is all we have and mine have been filled with tea and tissues for a few days. good to be back to read here.