Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've always like the Beatles Happy Birthday song. Hysteria fringed with lunacy. Why not, it's only once a year, right?

True to his perfect form, my GoodMan did the Vulcan mind meld on me and came up with the perfect gift - the thing I didn't know I wanted and that I would love. The initial packaging stymied me momentarily and I wound up exploding all the discs out onto the bed so I closed my eyes, groped the pile and came up with "Abbey Road" to accompany me over to the doctors office and back. What a great time! The terrific thing about this set is that the songs are presented in the original ALBUM order, so crucial to time travel, which is just what these disks will be doing for me. Abbey Road was released about two weeks before my 20th birthday. Hearing this today felt just like it did 40 years ago. Spectacular! Strange and wonderful.  Something completely new and transformative. You could count on the Beatles for that.

I was thinking that music is one of those things that gets hooked into your past usually in association with people, or places and events. But for me, not the Beatles. From the time  I first heard them, their music was mine personally . Not to be draped around some boy or drama. In fact, looking at the big picture of the impact this music had on my culture - the amazing things that could come from acting on creative genius the way these fellows lucked into - kept me at arms length from the kinds of societal traps that a lot of young women fell into back then. I just knew that amazing things were possible if you kept that notion in mind.                        I  did and they were.


tiedyejudy said...

Awesome! And a veddy happy birthday, luv! I, too, was a total Beatles freak... dang near drove me mum crackers! And I still love the lads... remember a quote from Ringo in a magazine... something about 'who would want a 70 year old Beatle, then?' or words to that effect... WE DO!
Have a great day, Deb!

sandra wyman said...

I even had a Beatles haircut! This is my ideal present too - how can I drop some extremely obvious hints to family members between now and Christmas. And happy bday once again - and as someone once wrote to me - lots of live from loverpool (well actually I'm in Yorkshire but who's counting?)

Leslie said...

How kewl is that! Hippo Birdies and Many Happy Tunas of the Day.

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Lucky lady, what a gift. I think we are all of the same VINTAGE of great wine. Belated BD Deb.

Potiron said...

Happy Birthday!!! And what a great birthday present!!! Wish my loved ones would think this would be a perfect present for me too!!!!

They too are part of my life in an intrisic way, I can't imagine life without them!!!

Have a great time listening to them!!!