Friday, February 26, 2010

real winter

Seems like the northeast has forgotten what winter is all about. The news media here is having hysterics over 20" just like they do in Georgia for 2". Yawn. It's white and wet and it will be gone in a week.
Although it rained here all day yesterday we did get some snow overnight after all, maybe 10" so far, heavy and wet.Great Snowman making snow. I cleared off the cars and truck with a broom, trudged around in the snow for a while taking pictures and I'm sweaty & exhausted before lunch. Naptime.


tangled stitch said...

The photos are beautiful.

Phyllis said...

Well you have to admit, it is really lovely to look at. And there is always time for a nap when there is snow on the ground.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

white and wet but magical to see nonetheless! love the trees in the secnd image and the slither of pond. Brrr!