Thursday, April 22, 2010

private stash

I tried duplicating the effect of the cloth I used for the body of the trees using bleach to discharge some of the overdyes I did this weekend.

Several pieces are going straight into my private stash for future development.

Gravitating to the fine textured sacking - flour sacks probably - I find myself planning out more dreamscapes along these lines.

My old Canon A95 came back from the factory ostensibly repaired at no charge.

I say ostensibly because it came back without the honkin' huge old style memory card that I swore I left inside it. I thought they needed to see some messed up pictures to diagnose and fix the problem.

My problem is now I have no memory of removing the card and stowing it "someplace safe" ...kinda like those diamond earrings I once had (sniff). These memory lapses are nothing new for me so I'm not alarmed. Just aggravated. It'll turn up somewhere unlikely but perfectly obvious to the devious mind. It's a backup camera now so it can wait.

PS. After looking in all the likely places and quite a few unlikely ones and finding nothing, I called Canon and said "What's up with sending my camera back brainless?" They were so nice, kind and generous and will be sending me a suitable haste. Squeaky wheel got greased.


arlee said...

WOWZA those are perfect

Jacky said...

What fabulous colours! Your dyeing is amazing.


Deb said...

Thank you both...I'm pleased with them..

jude said...

i don't remember anything. that gives others the advantage.
i like the texture of the sack cloth. it enhances the dyed effect.

Connie Rose said...

Wonderful fabrics! And re: forgetting whether or not you actually did something you thought you did or didn't, what was I thinking of saying?!