Monday, April 12, 2010

your Monday, my Friday

Even though I had to be there over the weekend, it was a great day at the Whine Mine. The calls that come in over the weekend (and after hours) tend to be more interesting. Things like "parked car rolls across three yards, causing 20k in landscaping damage and falls into brand new swimming pool. no witnesses" and
"employee falls asleep in walk-in cooler and claims his head cold as an on the job injury". The human parade, never in step and always hilarious. "WTF?!"  has become my mental mantra.

I didn't have time to enjoy the Sunday Times but it usually takes me all week to get through it anyway. The newest small hand stitched piece fell into place - the base cloth is a roughly woven linen, rust and gold with red flecks - I'm sad it's almost all gone. I'm going to take a stitch primer with me today to think about new things to do with the needle and thread. My embroidery repertoire is pretty limited. Got to hear the Braves on the radio, always fun even though they lost last night in San Francisco. AT&T park sounds like Hell's back yard to hear our announcers describe it.

I really miss my many things are gorgeous in the morning light.


arlee said...

it will be interesting to see if we all envision the cloth as it truly is when it shows up here :}

Deb said...

The basic elements in the sketch are all there, plus a few small additions. Those are trees of course and a pool.