Saturday, June 26, 2010


Jan & I made our annual pilgrimage to a Braves game last night - my first friday night with fireworks game. The Braves won, and  we enjoyed the game in swank comfort thanks to her neighbors unused season tickets.

Jan got me into a shirt for the occasion and I picked our  pitcher KAWAKAMI who had not yet won a game this year, not because he is a bad pitcher but it seemed like whenever it was his turn to pitch, everyone else forgot how to bat! Yeah, I know it's on backwards - anything to get on the JumboTron at Turner Field!

  UPDATE...a few minutes ago KK got his first win in a nailbiter and thanks to our hero on the van Chipper Jones who hit a three run homer run as sweet as red velvet cake.

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Kim said...

I'll take any win the Braves can get!


Whew - thanks for the run on Dirty Threads . I've packed up the orders and will get them to the post office in a while. This lot he...

Play it again Sam.