Monday, June 28, 2010

the days were packed

Despite all the frenetic and exuberant color you been seeing these past few days, I've made time to sit quiet and start the long delayed satisfaction of  the handwork on Beach. I'm already feeling the pangs of the last stitch although this piece is very large.

 Thanks to everyone who had advice about the pain in my heel. All the recommended treatments and exercises are already making a difference. This too shall pass.


now I MUST go upstairs and sort, iron and fold all that exuberance!


  1. I love the small holes with stitching around them. They're like a
    thought written in a secret language.

  2. I really have been missing my time stitching. I'm stuck and all I've been doing lately is dyeing. I love it, truly I do, but my first love will always be stitching...

  3. I have to dye when the weather lets me and the season is NOW...a little time spent stitching feels stolen!


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