Sunday, July 25, 2010

good intentions...

...paved the road to nowhere last evening when it came to holding something in my hands and working on it.

I made the mistake of selecting little pieces of my favorite, most recent dye experiments for the go-bag - scraps of dense damask, frayed and flawed and drenched with rich color.

I couldn't chop into any of them and just started daydreaming about rich little shapes floating on a field of cream, surrounded by lines of white stitching, like a zen garden.

More large, functional pieces of machine built muslin foundations with hand appliqued shapes and hand quilting but no batting. It seems like a calling that I have to honor.   I wonder if I keep coming back to blankets because it's so cold in the office?

The slow pace of work allowed for a good bit of time for paying attention to all the senses.
Sights- all those delicious colors in the go-bag and the almost full moon peeking through the pines.
 Sounds - a great ball game with the radio announcers clearly favoring the home team as Brooks Conrad smacked a grand slam home run to save the game!
Smells- someone making fresh coffee, my own Sea&Ski and Spanish Amber and a whiff of Georgia pine every time someone comes and goes through the door behind me.
Touch-my booboo foot resting on a frozen bottle of water under my desk and the smooth pages of the sketchbook as I scribble and see how my handwriting has deteriorated for lack of practice. Taste - cold ginger ale and a fat red plum equal parts tart & sweet. Do you every inventory all your senses?

PS. I also started reading Anita Shreve's "Light on Snow"...too early to tell. Our free lending library at the office is improving.

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Quilt or Dye said...

I love making small wall hangings because it is easy to experiment small and I can quickly have a finished product. But my heart always goes back to my roots and making large functional quilts. I like best the idea of my love and time being spread over someone giving them unconditional warmth, comfort, and love.