Saturday, July 31, 2010

having a slothful wallow at the PC

Did I mention that as of five-ish this morning I became a new grand-auntie! Congratulations to Kim & Rodrigo and Welcome to Bryan!

Having watched the Braves take a beating at the hands of the Reds, I'm spending the rest of the evening listening to my old friend Vin Scelsa give us some rare, free-form radio after a long hiatus from WFUV . He's been away contemplating a career change with one foot wiggling towards retirement but is back on the air/internet  for two hours tonight and I thought I'd listen live for a change instead of playing catch up.

I've been listening to this Idiot's Delight in one form or another since the late 60's. You don't last that long without serious substance.

It's too hot to sew, there's certainly nothing to see on TV that I can't watch another time so I'll spend some time weeding my bookmarks, catching up on eye-candy, window shopping and taking a beating at Lexulous all until the thunderstorms bearing down on us take out the power.

I love everything at this site and it seems like the things I love the most cost the most. What's up with that?
I have websites bookmarked going back to the 90's. Here's a sampler of some that are still around. I was quite the geek at one time.

Dr. Ozone
Lizard House  speakers on!
Art Beat Street
Josh Simpson    (I have a planet!)
the OzQuilt network 
round stuff
Some stunning creatures


Patty said...

OH Brian...welcome to this world with all her problems. Also with salsa, green chilies, music, art,
sewing, small animals, water, rain,
night, day, moons, stars, dreams,
and all the good things I wish for
you. You are beautiful...welcome to this world!

jude said...

oh i miss babies.

Cat said...

Oh you do have good taste! FUV and the earrings! Not to mention a beautiful grand-nephew! Congratulations!
PS Where did you ever come upon FUV. I lived on LI, not that far from Jude Hill for most of my life. FUV was a constant!