Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the perfect evening

We spent the day stirring the cauldron, sprinkling secret compounds
and muttering incantations. With all the rain and heat, the pool is having it's midseason algae tantrum. I've tried to encourage it here by reminding it of the proper shade of blue.

The evening rolls on perfectly. After days of righteous salad eating, we had a pizza and fresh canolis followed by an evening of stitching as the Braves take a big wet bite out of the Padres. Thunderstorms, please wait until after the game is in the bag.

PS - that's what I get for gloating. It took 12 innings for the Braves to shoulda poured!


jude said...

algae! you should see the sea here... warm as a bathtub and who knows what growing in it. plus an early onset of jellyfish.

Deb said...

do you have bio luminescence at night?