Friday, July 02, 2010


It's drizzly day for the first time in ages which means it's a stitching, quiet contemplation day. Breezes are slamming open doors. Sleeping cats draped everywhere.

I continue to sort/fold/iron my way through the two big baskets of dyed fabrics - three for me, one for you...

As I go along, I find pieces that relate to one another, color and texture, and fold them together into project bundles for some future time. I have a lot of projects on the back burner.

Large, hand stitched pieces, take a lot of commitment to the outcome so you want to be really sure of your path before you take that stitch. I find myself taking extra care with each stitch so there will be no false moves to take away from my satisfaction with the finished quilt. For now, building my own beach is taking the place of being on one somewhere.

 It's been a long time since I have submitted my work to any kind of venue. The crapshoot of funding an entry has become an extravagance and I'm just not in any kind of mood to be judged. I'd rather play poker if I had money to piss away!
My time for art has become so precious that I can only please myself and I've been plenty happy about it all lately. Of course, the White Whale of Quilt National is looming and what (fiber) artist can resist that challenge, so I won't be putting up any more pictures of the big things in progress (jeez, that sucks so much!). Then there's one of my favorites coming up too, Art Quilts XV: Needleplay  where they don't yet care about pre-publication complications, amen.

back to the studio.....


lisette said...

more deliciousness! i am so with you on the show/competiion entry thing - i've been bruised a bit over the last 6 months and am stepping out of it for a while. i don't want to find myself secondguessing judges or changing my style - and that's apart from the cost!

Diane said...

I long for the time to stitch. I have lost that peace and look forward to having that once again. I understand what you say about every stitch counting. Nothing worse than looking back and regreting the slipshod. Some think I take too much time, go to slow, am too careful. I dont care. It always brings satisfaction of a job well done!