Saturday, September 18, 2010

haunted places

There was a lot of revisiting the past while I was in NY. I spent a morning with my Dad touring my first hometown, Armonk, NY.  I didn't know there was a private family cemetery for "his people" which included Useteds, Smiths, and Wrights.  Working folk all.

Then I spent a delightful afternoon lunch & tea with my former neighbor Terry as if I hadn't been gone from Carmel since '93. There is never enough time and we never run out of things to talk about.

These four pieces of cloth (which continue to taunt me) were called to mind by this shot of the water under the bridge up the street from my family's house. Layers of light and color. Reflections, memories and reality all in one place at one time.


  1. The middle piece of cloth is very intriguing to me. Love the shapes and colors on it.

  2. These remind me of late Summer sunsets in England as a child. You know that last glimmer, that one can never photograph, when the sun is already below the horizon. I love these!

  3. These are just lovely, I can see why they haunt you!

  4. Hi Deb,
    Sorry going through your blog having just discovered you!!!...I have to say this fabric is just the depth of colour you have achieved, cant wait to see what you do with it!..or is it for sale?....xx..julia


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