Saturday, September 18, 2010

the Wheel turns

One phone call and everything changes. While I was still in NY, my supervisor called to say that I was being considered for the next telecommuting class and was I still interested?  Being able to do my day job from my home will mean 2+ more hours of each workday coming back to me to use however I want. Could more Art be in my future? Sure as hell won't be house cleaning! And going forward this blog will be the only input I have to FB. Having given up the time vampire Lexulous, I see no need to go there. Google reader let's me know when the people I care about have updates. likewise email notices when someone posts to me in FB.  There's been a lot of background buzz about "disconnecting" and I'm paying attention.


  1. good news for you, Deb, I'm so glad. This'll be great for you.

    I'm torn about FB. I know it's popular to dismiss it as a time suck, but the truth is that my network on FB feels - for the most part - like an incredibly talented and creative group of people all over the world who I'd lose track of without FB. Managing it is hard, though. I never got into the games, but I gave up cable and am getting a lot of my media/world news, and news of friends and colleagues, by using FB as an aggregator.

    Anyway, none of that has anything to do with you! Glad to hear about the new structure.

  2. I have been lerning to connect all of the apps. It definitely helps turn the time sink around. I have definitely altered my FB usage and found suddenly my whole mornings started opening up.

  3. Good luck with your telecommuting! My one-way commute is two hours. I now work at home just one day a week, and it makes a huge quality-of-life difference.

  4. This is great news for you re: moving the desk and computer to your home and getting more art time.

    Also had to comment on the facebook disconnecting - am so with you there. I hardly go over to face book because I still have dial up believe it or not.

    However, if not for blogs, I wouldn't have 'met' friends like you - so the internet is pretty wonderful.


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