Friday, October 01, 2010

the Scrap Giveaway - Update

The big scrap giveaway continues!
Nancy, Jamie & Janett - your priority mail boxed are leaving Lawrenceville today. Stand by!

The process has been refined. If you want a small or medium flat rate priority mail box crammed full of scraps from my studio..all KINDS of scraps, email me for the particulars.

I still have LOTS of cool stuff.  Let me know what your focus is and I'll try to accommodate you, for example one person let me know she was using scraps to make quilts for charity so I stayed with cottons and kept the weird stuff for the postcard makers.


Judy Warner said...

This is really generous of you, Deb. I have my own scraps I am bringing in to my Guild. They sure to seem to grow spontaneously!

Julia said...

Hiu Deb,
I am in a small art mixed media group in Melbourne Australia and we are currently passionate about doing slow cloth or hand quilted small pieces to go in our journals..and I am mad about shibori or indigo dyed you have any?...


Whew - thanks for the run on Dirty Threads . I've packed up the orders and will get them to the post office in a while. This lot he...

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