Friday, December 10, 2010

it's Friday!!

 I spent most of my day off yesterday in bed trying to ward off a cold/the cold and working on this piece which is becoming quite compulsive.

Things going are are being revealed to me as I go.  Can you tell that I watched "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" and was quite spellbound with the costumes and wigs, not to mention the intrigues and sea battles.

In a little while I have to report to the office for work evaluation and spend the day there interacting with live humans that I am not related to. I wonder if I  remember how.


  1. What a beautiful piece, Deb.

    I love Elizabeth - spectacular movie.

  2. G O R G E O U S !!!!!!! Now that's my DEB! LOVE Elizbeth too, watch/read anything about that monarch! re: two respiratory problems too close together...try adding a probiotic, as in get the lactobacillius pills in health food or pharmacy refrigerator...might help boost your immune system [more about that privately]

  3. Hi Deb, Hope you're feeling better? Yes!..I do see the reference to Elizabeth...the ruffled brown, and the orange crown of stitches...the colours, very regency...lovely work... xx..julia

  4. WOW! I love everything about this. I can understand why it's becoming compulsive. It's magnificent!

  5. What a wonderful piece this is. I just love all the stitching and colors. Hope you are feeling better. No fun being sick especially during the upcoming holiday.

  6. j'aime vraiment cette liberté dans le crazy, c'est très expressif. Bravo.


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