Saturday, January 15, 2011

still celebrating summer!

Even though we are finally coming out of a week long winter freeze, I am going to celebrate summer again today and refuse to look at any winter pictures that the web is rife with at the moment.

This bundle of glory is from Marie Z.'s blog which is a constant source of sunshine and inspiration - back to you lady!

While rummaging through the files I came across this piece and wondered why it never got posted to the main gallery. Large, 60"x40" give or take, this is "Giraffe Crossing Against the Light" (after much group debate).

This was one of the pieces that I designed and completed with fabrics on hand and painted while I was at Mary McBride's Focus on Fiber at the ACA in FL where I had one of the most productive weeks of my life. I really, really need to go back again. Something to save for.

Last night I had one of those amazing, problem solving dreams where you wake up not remembering the fuzzy details but the lesson was clear, well founded and remembered and resonates with the work of the moment:

                      "Loosen up, be free and don't call it work."

detail from "Giraffe..."


  1. Deb, I love this banner photo you have up now! Your cat looks so much like my Shiva (except Shiva is looking kind of peculiar now that she has taken to neurotically chewing off her fur on her back half - my one daughter says she has trichotillomania, and the other daughter says she looks like she's made of spare parts...)

  2. Do come to the retreat! It'd be such a hoot!

  3. Anonymous12:16 AM


    i caught myself saying "work" a lot when i talked about quilting to new friends.

    i've got to work on this
    it's part of the work
    it's a real mood killer in regard to creation.

    this is a great piece!


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