Monday, April 25, 2011

Pastel Hell

Lesson learned. Some rot about being conceived or executed in haste. I have paid the price for disregarding a few cardinal rules. #1..let the dye warm up after you take it from the fridge. #2 be positive of the nature of your cloth. This sheet turned out to have a dash of synthetic by the looks of the results.

One of the groups making quilts for the quake survivors in Japan will be getting a whole tops worth of 8" squares by the end of the week.

PS- thanks for all the positive comments. I should know by now that my pastel dreams never satisfy my craving for the bold, daring and vibrant when I am awake and fully aware. I know someone will make something beautiful with these and then it will be given to someone who will appreciate it's function first and maybe it's beauty too. 


  1. Oh, you are a hoot! You can always paint, stamp, silk screen, thermofax, photoprint, batik with paints, etc. Don't let one failure discourage you!

  2. Oh well. Good try. They're still beautiful.

  3. if you hadn't said it was a mistake, I would have thought it was on purpose. I love them!

  4. You know, Deb, I like these.

  5. Perhaps in that this is not what you intended, you can not see that they look nice ? (I often have that issue , so perhaps am just projecting) but I like them .

  6. I really like the way the edges of the squares are enhanced by the colour. Unusual and dreamy.

  7. I love the gentle effect of the blocks! I hand quilt. There is alot of room to show off quilting there! It may not be what you wanted, but they are beautiful! You can also applique something that will stand out in the middle of each block. (I guess I'm a "glass half full" person!)


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