Wednesday, May 25, 2011


One of the many reasons why I love my husband.

When I stumbled down the stairs to the kitchen this morning this was on the table...darling, the coffee was weak this morning but the magic was strong. thank you.

An overnight guest entertained the cat posse from a safe resting spot on the kitchen ceiling.

I took her outside where she shivered in my hand for a long minute reading the lines on my palm with apparent excitement....

and then flew away to get on with her Luna day.


  1. Beautiful! We get some interesting moths here too, but I haven't seen any like that one.

  2. Judy - it's a Luna Moth. I haven't seen a live one in person in many years.

  3. gorgeous moth, so sad that they only live to mate, then die - they have no mouth so they cannot eat...we get them down here in bozoland on a regular basis. DH is always taking phots because he knows how much I love these fuzzy things. Funny about the cat night stalking...

  4. of my favorite of God's creations. So beautiful. My new grandson's quilt has a luna moth on it that I did in Lucky Shie's workshop at Arrowmont. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. that is some moth. wow.

  6. ohhh, gorgeous
    I used to wee them regularly as a child in northern Michigan, but I haven't seen one in person since I was about 12.

    "darling, the coffee was weak this morning but the magic was strong" - I love this line :)

    thanks for sharing


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