Wednesday, June 01, 2011

lost wip

Thanks to a reader somewhere in the Netherlands for reminding me why I left this hanging on the design wall for so long. I took it down, folded the elements together in  a small bundle and put it.....where?

Since I moved my day job office into the studio I have literally turned my back on the room and it's in major chaos. I remind myself of the notion of moving a mountain with a teaspoon - one moment you look up and it's gone. Somewhere in the mountain this little bundle awaits further action.

PS- Judy, I found it intact!


  1. Hope it didn't get rolled up into one of your bundles of Magic Cloth burritos! As for the mountain moving project, I did some of that myself this weekend... could not let another day pass before I did a little studio cleanup, and culled thru the overflowing box of stash in the "guest room"... hah! No room for guests before, maybe we can squeeze one in there now! lol!

  2. Well, tell them the fabric helps insulate the room to keep it quiet. It is good to have lots of fabric in there.


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