Monday, July 04, 2011

weekend festivities

So far the only thing I've accomplished this weekend is adding a bottom sleeve to the banner I made for the chili cook off.  No I'm wondering why I went to so much trouble (the lettering was hand drafted and painted) but used such poor quality cloth. It must have been the largest continuous expanse of fabric that I had on hand (or could buy locally). After this year I think I'm going to back it with something more durable just to keep it from falling apart.


nandas said...

have you ever tried using that nylon fabric they use for raincoats and back packs? not gore-tex... its too expensive... but the cheaper stuff. it holds up quite well and you can do the lettering in reverse applique. i have made commercial signs like yours before using this fabric... its great and lasts a long time in all kinds of weather.

Deb said...

I was thinking about that - ripstop nylon..this banner now has decent sleeves top and bottom so it doesn't sag as much as in the picture.