Sunday, September 18, 2011

freepiecing denim

The turn of seasons has me washing all blanket-like objects and this old denim throw turned up with a multitude of failed seams. Time to be useful again. That orange broadcloth turned out to have a bit of poly in it and so it will go two work pulling this blanket together..a nice back of couch piece although I may hang it up and pretend I'm in a museum somewhere.

We were real hard on our denim back in the day. This was built in 1977, one of the first things I sewed on the Kenmore Jimmy bought me as an engagement gift. It was one of the first free-arm portables, indispensable for mending blue jeans. The man knew what he was doing. I did not but, Gees Bend, it's held up pretty well.


Anonymous said...


i love this!!!

Karoda said...

this inspires me to get sewing...I've been tearing up jeans for months for a quilt for my oldest grandson.

Nancy said...

lol I was thinking Gees Bend too! I have a whole tub of old jeans...just can't get rid of good denim! :)

arlee said...

me too, denim is so comforting in its weight for a winter blankie!

Marie Z. Johansen said...

It's so more than perfect !
Seems we both the bug around the same time. I started in '76