Friday, September 30, 2011

shop update

Mission (part one anyway) accomplished.

I updated the store this morning with SEVEN new magic cloth burritos from the fall equinox dyefest.

I'll be making more over the next few days and taking out things that I can't bear to part with to keep for my own stash. Before I do this I always make a point of watching an episode or  two of "Hoarders" just to maintain a sane perspective.

It's a good thing that studio assistants work cheap but I did remove Sweetie from the scene after this one glam  shot turned into a wrestling match over the fabric when I tried to rearrange things.


Jeannie said...

I am so sorry that the Braves lost. You now know how we Mariner fans feel year in and year out! Sweetie was just picking fabrics for your next project.

Nancy said...

Your 'Hoarders' comment made me laugh! Beautiful colors :)

Anonymous said...

love! as always, do i need to comment, beautiful!