Monday, September 19, 2011

feathers flying

this time I remembered to take a picture before sending them off.

Jim is getting ready for the Stone Mountain Chili Cookoff this coming weekend - my dye deck has become an fresh air kitchen for a few days but I'll be jarring up a few experiments later this morning in hopes of a few more 80 degree days coming up. If anyone gets any cloth that has a whiff of a distant campfire, garlic or cumin, you know the reason why.


  1. Ha ! Nine more feathers to count
    (I send off five, but show them once they've arrived ;-) .....)

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    love that little cowlick that the one feather is sporting near it's stem

  3. Whoa, nice feathers! I forgot to photograph mine (doh!)And I responded to your question about crochet bandages in the comments of my blog, but in case you don't return there to check there are instructions for them here:

  4. absolutely wonderful!


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