Tuesday, November 01, 2011

back to the world

I got in from Destin late Sunday night after an exciting (not) eight hour charge over the back roads of GA. We missed our exit off FL 10 and wound up crow-flying it north across the south eastern border of GA and taking 30 mile stretches of industrial farm roads at break neck speed because there was almost no one else on the road and Jake saw to it that my Honda had an alignment, among other preventive measures. Who knew it could go 85-90 mph? On the  way down, at saner speeds, I wrung 419 miles out of one 10 gallon tank.  Along the way home, fields of cotton ready for harvest looked like fields of snow. I sent my sister a picture of the beach and she sent back a shot of their deck covered with snow!

We went to the 16th annual Destin Festival of the Arts held at my favorite beach, Henderson state park. Most of the artists were there to sell interior decoration to condo owners who never stay in their own condos and there did appear to be buying going on.

I spoke with one painter, Bill Billingsley, whose impressionist seascapes I found spellbinding. In a genre that was invented to sooth and lull, his work was compellingly beautiful. I wish I could find some links or images to share but Bill spends his time building his own (large!) canvases and painting instead of farting around on the internet..go figger! A lady at the fair offered to buy the shirt off my back. I declined.

I have idle (read "lottery winnings") fantasies about moving to this sugar sand beach and making art. The truth is I would spend all my time lolling about the beach and surf, grow gills and probably swim off under the moonlight one night with a pod of sea turtles.
Time to get back to work.


arlee said...

just lovin' that beauty on the beach :)

Cathie said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. And that beautiful jacket - to DIE for! Really, really attractive!

Nancy said...

Your beautiful, beautiful stitch-work looks right at home there!

Jeannie said...

I love my Honda, too. I have learned not to drift off or the Mario Andretti I married tried to "blow the carbon out of the engine". Yeah, Right. LOL! You toes on the beach are so beautiful. Like you I dream of lottery numbers and a home on the Oregon Coast. In my dreams I make art and sell to the wealthy summer visitors. Like you, I know that the reality is that I would be roaming the beach every day and no art would be made. There is something so freeing about the ocean. Wishin you a beautiful week back in the "real" world.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Deb. Your textile work is marvelous, love the experiments. And your jacket is a show-stopper. No wonder someone wanted to buy it off your back!
best, nadia

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your feet already are so

and this is how it will look...
slight tracks on the sand, the Magic jacket on the beach