Friday, January 20, 2012


I violated the cardinal Gramma's rule yesterday and went out in the winter chill with wet hair to get about six inches chopped off the ends. Later in the day I came down with an old fashioned sneezing, eye-watering head cold. I really don't buy the connection because it's something I do all the time. More likely I picked up a germ from the swarm at the grocery store. Howard Hughes was right.

Still, here I am,abed  stoned to the gills on Alka Seltzer for colds.  If I can keep my eyes open there are books to read and feathers and works in progress to stitch on before I have to work this afternoon.
One of the bad things about working from home is that there is little excuse for not working as long as you can sit upright in the chair and see the computer.
I started my shift last night well medicated and found myself strangely sanguine and sympathetic to my hapless customers instead of cynical, impatient and superior.  Who knew "nice" came in a fizzy drink? I will have to restrain myself from greeting people with

"Happy Friday! What foolish fresh hell are you reporting today?"

I want to go see "The Artist" in a theater like the Fox downtown but I'll settle for the AMC nearby.


liniecat said...

love the feathrer on the white embroidered fabric, great re-use there that a stary Magic feather? lol
Also like the friday use that round here and most local folks would just look dum and daft at would roll right over their heads! Hope you feel better soon..

Anonymous said...

oh geez. get well soon. take care of yourself. and tell that cold you're way to talented and busy to deal with it ;)

yeah like that works.

Jeannie said...

Feel better soon, Deb. I also have the bad habit of racing around with wet hair. I don't like the blow dryer and in the desert, it dries just as quickly. Of course, I could get it cut short, but what fun would that be? You made me snort my coffee with the "foolish fresh hell". Take care and stoned is a good way to be when you feel lousy. xo

stitchinglife said...

Get well soon!