Monday, January 09, 2012


I just could not get into the book but we went to see the American version in theaters now and it was terrific. Fit "horrific" in there too. I made  point of not knowing ahead of time about the film, something I strive for when a so-called blockbuster makes the scene. I went into Avatar all unknowing and was appropriately delighted.

This time I was gob-smacked by the originality of the story and the intensity of the emotions. I have Daniel Craig molded in my head as the rather fierce version of James Bond but in this outing he was a surprisingly tender Tool...and no pun intended.  Warning...this is an ADULT movie and I daresay some adults might be taken aback by some of the scenes.

After a great lunch at Chili's, we rolled through Neiman Marcus and Saks in a fit of handbag lust and I made several really bad perfume try-out choices.  Books a Million had  replacements for my loaned and lost copies of  "Elements of Style"and "Bird by Bird"


Cheryl Razmus said...

Haven't seen this one yet since I don't get out to the theater much but I loved the trilogy that the Swedes did. You might want to rent them. I like the raw reality of foreign language films. You know, like their Michael has a little bit of a pot belly and he's still sexy. And sometimes the ladies have wrinkles around the eyes or a blemish and they are still sexy and human.. Also something about hearing the original lanuage spoken appeals to me.

Terry said...

I am reading the last of the "Girl..." trilogy right now. I am hooked on the stories and look forward to seeing the movie. The books are hard to read, IMO. Badly in need of an editor and way too many confusing marginal characters.

Martha said...

I listened on an audiobook; I'll admit I had to listen twice to some of the discs to keep the story and characters straight. Especially when I listened at night and fell asleep. So it helped to listen again while I was more alert.

doina said...

I totally agree with Cheryl - the Swedish movie trilogy is breathtaking. I didn't see the American version, though I like Daniel Craig a lot, but I would go for the Swedes in this matter :)
If you can rent that version, please do, at least for the next two stories.