Friday, January 27, 2012

sounds like this

After a very long and tiring day yesterday I finished work around one am and set about shutting some windows. It had cooled off after the rain and damp was creeping in .

 I opened the slider to the deck to make sure none of the cat crew were lurking on possums outside and what do I hear, distant but clear - a few intrepid tree frogs waking up from winter naps to tune up with their wooden combs dragging one tooth at a time over cigar boxes. They sounded tentative but hopeful.

 It made me smile and  I realized that winter's worst was past and there would be long, lazy summer days before we knew it.

and TGIFF!


Serena said...

oh yes!!! both to TGIF and warm days again.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

SO GLAD you are good and safe from
the medical rummies.
and this One, ohhhh just look at those finger tips, oh, love. is that the color they are there? beautiful.

liniecat said... is there a Prince within I wonder? lol such cool feet!!

Sandy said...

This is the coolest looking little froggie I've ever seen!

Deb said...

they have cold sticky feet, will climb right onto you if you hold still and make a huge racket when they are holding their annual Club Med in my swimming pool.

tiedyejudy said...

OMG!!! He's gorgeous! You have to record them making their racket and post... puhlease! It's been ages since I heard froggies... too cold here in the high country!

Deb said...

Judy - Oh so sweet and adorable now..but come late spring the racket they make! Of course the loudest mouth gets the most attention from the ladies so the big guys have learned the trick of getting into some kind of container to amplify their screakings. Like in my dye jars, flower pots, empty name it. And then, they like to come inside and play with the cats..the frog fun never ends. Still I rescue as many tadpoles as possible once we start turning the pond back into a pool.

jude said...

it's true, the season has swung around. sticky feet can be handy.