Saturday, April 21, 2012

a day in the fiber mine

You're in for it now!

Eleven new sets, each prettier than the next, up and available today over at Random Acts of Dyeness. 

Now it's time to chill with a new book "the Story of Edgar Sawtelle". So far it makes me think of Annie Dillard. I'm hooked.

Later I'll be hand tossing my own pizzas for dinner ..sorry no film, it's not a pretty sight but the results are always tasty. I do promise to sweep the floor and turn off the ceiling fan before I begin.


  1. oh the joy of slinging dough on the fan! can't help but laugh...

  2. That was the day I really wished for a cameraman.

  3. Beautiful work!!! And OMG Edgar Sawtelle.....Stunning, totally it in 2008 shortly after this review: (excerpt) "One of Mr. Wroblewski’s most impressive accomplishments here is to exert a strong, seemingly effortless gravitational pull. The reader who has no interest in dogs, boys or Oedipal conflicts of the north woods of Wisconsin will nonetheless find these things irresistible. Pick up this book and expect to feel very, very reluctant to put it down."- - I so loved this book, I may read it again now you have brought it up from my memory!

  4. Read Edgar Sawtelle a few years ago -- totally engrossing and powerful. Also love Annie Dillard.


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